Khalak Hashim, a 33 years old gentleman from Dhaka, Bangladesh was one of thousand of foreign workers searching for job opportunities in Malaysia.

Khalak currently working in the construction industry incharged of the jack-in piling with Teng Piling Construction based in Johor Bahru with an income of RM40 Ringgit Malaysia a day which covered 8 working hours compared to his previous job as a carpenter way back in Bangladesh with an income of 100 Taka Bangladesh which it is only equivalent to 4 Ringgit Malaysia.

He felt so happy when he got a job in Malaysia hoping that it could slowly improved his family cost of living. His wife is working as a fulltime housewife who looked after both his 2 sons where individually 2 and 5 years old. 

Every month, Khalak will allocate 500 Ringgit Malaysia from his income for the use of his beloved family meanwhile in Malaysia, Khalak will only survive with the balance of his salary which it is only 300 RInggit Malaysia. From what Khalak said earlier, he managed to get a job in malaysia through an agent from Malaysia who search and looking after foreign workers who is interested to work inforeign countries. 

He was given a 3 years contract and it has been a year for Khalak to be in Malaysia now without any capabilities to write and read. Khalak could any managed to speak a few words in Bahasa Malaysia. Eventhough it was a tough time for him to converse well in Bahasa Malaysia but still Khalak strive and work hard all the time to go through all the challenges to pay for his family living.

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