I had the opportunity to follow the humanitarian mission in Mogadishu organized by Mercy Malaysia to help people who suffer from hunger due to Somalia civil war for a long time. 

I was with a TV3 reporter and his cameraman and another two volunteers from Mercy Malaysia embarked on a journey to arrive in Nairobi, Kenya as a gateway to enter Mogadishu since only receive flights from Nairobi. 

With the level of security that is still in a state of war, we are decides to continue our mission despite the danger ahead of us in anywhere. What we fear is an ambush while we are in a convoy of cars. Incidents happened to BERNAMA TV cameraman, Noramfaizul Mohd Nor who died while on duty in Mogadishu and his incident will be a lesson for us to be more careful during our mission. 

Sounds of gunfire and explosions are our daily routine that we heard at any time and the gun fighting remains at about range of 4 km from our basement. It sounds ridiculous but that’s what we face every day over the past 2 weeks in there. 

For safety measures, we should return our basement before 5 pm to avoid a dangerous thing. However, every evening, I also had the opportunity to see a unknown local birds enjoying the peace flying free and hope that the situation in Somalia would be returning like that.

Too many things that we through every day to deliver the news for Malaysians and incident that we can’t forget during the last day, when our car convoy through a neighborhood at the outskirts of Mogadishu, a teenager fired at random into the air to warn us when through their area. 

However, no incident happened to all of us. According to our interpreter, weapons are easily available from food. This makes each every Somalis easily to have a weapons. Finally, our group left Mogadishu with memory and hope to return again with the another upcoming humanitarian mission.

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